The Max Planck School of Cognition is an international graduate program originating from a joint initiative between the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Max Planck Society. The school is comprised of an outstanding cluster of faculty researchers  from diverse scientific backgrounds but with overlapping research interests in the field of cognition. These researchers come from various Max Planck Institutes, Universities, the Helmholtz Association and the Fraunhofer Society. The goal of the program is to enable students to achieve a successful independent research career in the overall area of cognition. [more]
The Max Planck School Matter to Life is a joint Graduate Program of German Universities and Research Organizations. It brings together experts from various institutions of Germany’s diverse research landscape for an interdisciplinary graduate education.The 5-year Master to PhD Direct Track at the MPS MtL offers highly talented and motivated students a research-oriented training in the fundamentals, methods and approaches in the rapidly developing field of Matter to Life. "What, exactly, is life?", and "Can life-like processes, functions and objects be quantitatively simulated, predicted and created in the laboratory?" are the overarching questions addressed in the curriculum and research training. [more]
Your excellent international graduate school in Germany [more]
The Max Planck School of Photonics (MPSP) is a top tier interdisciplinary graduate school in Germany that provides an integrated MSc and PhD program in Photonics for excellent graduates from all over the world. The MPSP links up leading  scientists in the field “Photonics” researching at German universities and non-university research institutions. This network of outstanding researchers, we call them “Fellows”, offers the MPSP PhD candidates unique access to their collected knowledge and prepares them for their career as “Photonics innovator” in the German academia or industry. At the same time, this BMBF-funded program  is advancing photonics research in Germany by networking science, driving synergies and new ideas. [more]
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